Geotechnical Engineering Conferences

Geotechnical engineering conferences are events that are organized for researchers, scientists, scholars, sponsors, and engineers, among others. They come together to present their latest research activities concerning geotechnical and geological engineering. These events are organized all year long and in different countries, hence the need for you to look up events of interest to you. The most exciting part is that there are many sites on the internet where you can view the details of the conferences, including dates, theme, and location, for you to make an informed decision on which event to attend. Here we list some of the notable geotechnical engineering conferences and events that you shouldn’t miss.

Popular Geotechnical Engineering Conferences

The International Research Conference: Barcelona, Spain

The International Research Conference seeks to bring together a diverse group of scholars, professionals, and sponsors who will present research on their understanding of geotechnical engineering. Authors wishing to present their ideas related to geotechnical engineering are encouraged to submit their research abstracts, and e-papers as well as other papers. Also, sponsors and exhibitors are encouraged to apply for this conference by following the guide on the organization’s website.

International Conference on Soil Erosion: London, United Kingdom

This conference will focus on soil erosion, where authors, scholars, and other professionals are invited to present their research papers concerning soil erosion. This may include trends, innovations, and challenges encountered, as well as solutions that are being adopted to solve the issue of soil erosion.

International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering, Sampling, Testing, and Inspection “ICGESTI”: Rome, Italy

The ICGESTI, which will take place in April 2020, seeks to bring together scholars, authors, and engineers, among others, who have an interest in getting a better understanding of geotechnical engineering and other components of the discipline such as testing and inspection.

This list of popular geotechnical engineering conferences is not exhaustive, and it’s essential to look out for other events close to your location.